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After Dark Games is a video game published in 1998 on Windows by Sierra On-Line, Inc. It's an action, strategy and puzzle game, set in an arcade, cards, game show, turn-based, falling block puzzle, platform, tile matching puzzle and word construction themes, and was also released on Mac. What is After Dark for OS 9? This is a patched version of After Dark 4.0 that works on Mac OS 9.x systems. Normally, if you attempt to install After Dark on OS 9, your system will crash immediately on startup with an 'address error' or similar - the AD extension is not compatible. This patched version fixes the problem. Cradle of Rome Game, is one of the free Games you can download and find at Free Ride Games.Free Ride Games the only place where you can download over 300 top games for free, including Hidden Object games, Time Management games, Match Three games. After the Dark Games (1998) Full Version Free Download 02:52 JS Advertiser 0 After Dark Games is a spin-off from the successful After Dark screensaver collections.


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I am trying to install After Dark on a MAC SE I recently purchased. When the After Dark disc is inserted for installation, I am prompted to provide a a serial# to activate the installation. Unfortunately, while I have the box and manual for the program, I do not have the Registration Card that was originally inserted in the box. That seems to be the only place the # would be available as there is no number on the box or manual other than a UPC code, and the # on the disc itself prompts an invalid response when inserted. Any help or suggestions? Thanks.

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